This is where I put on my critic's hat and rip into various songs, performances and concerts I've seen or heard. As a musician, of course, I know how tough criticism can be, so I'll try to go easy on the works I review here.

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Gorillaz – The Fall
This album was 'released' in December 2010 as a free download on the Gorillaz website, and the whole thing is pretty experimental. Then again, that's what I love about Gorillaz: their musical projects are indisputably unique. And here's an interesting fact: apparently the entire album was recorded on an Apple iPad. I can't say I would have noticed, though, since I was much too focused on the music to pay any attention to the recording itself. As for the music, the verdict is still out in my mind. What do you think?

Matt Cardle – Here with Me (on 'The X Factor')
Matt Cardle is the latest artist – or should I say product? – from the popular TV series 'The X Factor'. His final song on the show is called Here with Me, backed with an acoustic guitar and a band track on playback. Personally, I think it's a mediocre pop song with cheesy lyrics and a high-pitched voice, but maybe it's just not my genre.

Adele @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London
I finally got to see pop/soul singer Adele in person! On 21 April I made my way to this famous West-London music venue, queued up with the rest of the crowd and eventually managed to work my way forwards so I could almost touch the stage! Adele is in her early twenties, but she has a mature voice that was even better live than on CD – five stars!

By the way: I recorded parts of the concert on my camera phone. The video quality isn't great, but the sound is alright. You can check it out below.