Instruments and gear

No two instruments are the same. The brand, make, model and age are all important factors that greatly influence the overall sound of a composition. Add to the mix a complex array of equipment like effect pedals, amps, synthesisers and so on, and the possibilities are endless.

I've created a short catalogue of my equipment here, and I hope you find it useful in deciding what gear to buy or how to configure your own setup.

Fender® Telecaster™ Classic Series '72 Custom
I love the rich, jazzy sound of the Telecaster. This Classic Series '72 Custom combines the tradition of a single-coil neck pickup with the powerful sound of a humbucking bridge pickup. My model comes with a vintage-style bridge and tuners, maple fretboard and alder body in three-colour sunburst.

Kramer® Striker™ 211
This is where it all began! My parents gave me this guitar for my 16th birthday, and I've been hooked on music ever since. It features one humbucker and two single-coil pickups, volume and tone knobs, Thorn inlays on a maple fretboard and the trademark hardtail bridge. The sound is comparable to a standard Strat, and it makes a good supplement to the Telecaster, especially for some of my grungier compositions.

Marshall® Vintage Modern 2466™ amp stack
This 100-watt, all-valve, single channel-amplifier is my pride and joy. A foot switch allows me to select either a low-range vintage amp sound or a high-range configuration that adds an extra preamp valve into the signal path for a more classic hard rock sound. Four output valves yield a fat and smooth tone that can be further customised using the built-in volume and gain controls. This rig simply rocks my basement!

Boss® RC-20™ loop station
My loop station is an incredibly useful tool for solo exercises and live situations alike. When I'm practising on my own, I use the loop station to create backing tracks quickly, and during live jams I use it to add effects to the mix and create instant overdubs. The RC-20 has become the industry benchmark, and I'm very happy with this purchase.