My taste in music isn't limited to any one genre, and as a result my musical influences are wide and varied. From the great pioneers of blues, the masters of jazz and the experimental prog rock bands of the 1970s to the rock legends and modern indie artists of today, these are the styles that inspire me and inform my own compositions. Here is a list of my favourite artists.

Eric Clapton
This is the man that first got me interested in playing guitar. I heard one of my dad's albums and I was amazed at the sounds he got out of that instrument! He's still a hero of mine, and an inspiration to many others too – he's the only person to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times.

John Lennon
A legend in his own right, as well as being an integral part of probably the most influential British band of all time. Lennon changed the world of music forever with his solo work and as a member of The Beatles, and it was a real tragedy when he was killed in 1980, at the age of just 40.

Lee Mavers
One of the many talented musicians who came to prominence in the vibrant music scene that built up in Liverpool thanks to the success of The Beatles, and the frontman of another of my favourite rock bands, The La's. Mavers is known as something of a recluse and a perfectionist in the music industry – he never gives interviews and he scrapped many versions of his band's debut album. In fact, he still wasn't happy with what was eventually released, but I think it's one of British music's finest creations, and I still hope that one day the frequent rumours of a comeback from Mavers and The La's will turn out to be true.